TCI Sanmar Group


The Sanmar Group is the largest Indian investor in Egypt located at Port Said. TCI Sanmar produces 275,000 MT per year of Caustic Soda, 400,000 MT per year of Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM), 200,000 MT per year of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) and 60,000 MT per year of Green Ethylene. In Phase-II, additional investment added to double the PVC capacity from 200,000 MT to 400,000 MT per annum and also set up a 135,000 MT per annum plant to produce Calcium Chloride granules.


Al-Basmalah journey with the Indian group has started in 2004 and continued till now through which; we have been awarded with several major contracts that included the execution of all mechanical construction for all units and delivering Phase-II of the plant in 2018.

A brief of our works since 2004 to 2017:

  1.  Equipment Erection of 10,000 Tonne.
  2.  Piping work of 1,085,853 Inch.
  3.  Piping Supports and Steel Structure of 9,000 Tonne.
  4.  Sandblasting and Painting works of 243,172 M2.
  5.  Hot and Cold Insulation of 50,000 M2.









TCI Sanmar Group


TCI Sanmar, Port Said


TCI Sanmar Group - VCM-3 and PVC-2 Contract


Dismantling of all the old pipes and equipment and Execution of all mechanical works; total Manhours of 2,232,995:

  1. Equipment Erection of 3,090 Tonne.
  2. Equipment Dismantling of 325 Tonne.
  3. Piping works of 170,000 Inch.
  4. PTFE lined Erection of 32,250 Inch/M.
  5. Piping Supports and Steel Structure of 650 Tonne.
  6. Valves Erection of 8,000 Inch.



2 Years


August, 2018 

 The mentioned projects are the last contracts awarded